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Nordic Sugarin sivustoissa käytetään evästeitä, joilla kerätään tilastotietoja sivustojen käytön optimoimiseksi. Jatkamalla sivuston selaamista hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Lisätietoja evästeiden käytöstä ja ohjeet niiden poistamiseksi käytöstä.
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The sugar factories in Nykøbing and Schladen in Germany start the first organic campaign

Nordzucker has set the course in 2016 to produce organic sugar from regionally grown organic sugar beet. Already this year we managed to contract the first quantities of organic sugar beet in Denmark and Germany.

The two sugar factories in Nykøbing and Schladen, Germany will soon be launching their first test campaign. In both factories, some changes have been made to meet organic standards. A challenge is to ensure that organic beet is not mixed with conventional beet and that organic sugar is separated exactly from the conventionally produced product. In addition, this procedure must also be documented in detail.

The organic campaign will therefore take place before the conventional campaign and will start at the Schladen factory on 13 September and in Nykøbing one week later on 19 September. The two Heads of Sugar Factory, Jörg Vietmeier (Schladen) and Jesper Jeppensen (Nykøbing), are seeing their teams and the factories well prepared to gain further experience in this first test campaign. After all, the organic sugar project is designed for the long term and also opens up prospects for the organic farmers beyond 2017.

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