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Ambitious climate targets set the course for the future

Energy consumption and CO2 emissions down by ten per cent by 2020

The Nordzucker Group has set an ambitious new climate course with the aim of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 2020 by ten per cent per tonne of sugar compared to 2014. Compared to 1990 as baseline year, this means a reduction in energy consumption of 50% and in CO2 emissions of 68%. The new targets replace the Group’s former 2020 targets that implied a reduction of 45% and 65%, respectively, compared to 1990.

To be obtained through continuous improvements and investments
With the new targets, Nordzucker boosts its climate ambitions further. Specifically, this means that energy consumption per tonne of sugar should be reduced by one percent per year. This should be obtained partly through continuous improvements in the factories and partly through investments in for example new pulp presses at the factories in Kedainiai, Lithuania (2016), and in Nakskov (2017) and a biogas plant in Poland (2016).

Since a reduction in energy is closely linked to a decrease in CO2 emissions, it is possible to make a great deal of progress in both areas. Axel Aumüller, Chief Operating Officer of the Nordzucker Group, sees the upcoming challenge as positive: “It will allow us to play our part in protecting the global climate and in meeting the EU climate targets. And we are certain that every financial and organizational effort made in the area of sustainability will have a positive impact on our competitiveness. Our sustainability ambitions are benefiting from Project 20.20.20, too, and we will improve our efficiency and performance as a result.”

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