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Betfor is a high quality horse feed containing dried beet fibres and molasses. Betfor is unique due to its high content of fibres with both high and fast digestibility. Horses like the taste of Betfor because of its molasses content, making it ideal for horses that have gone off their feed.

High quality nutrients for balanced nutrition

Betfor is good for your horse in two ways: It’s a good source of energy, and by aiding digestion it makes the horse feel better. It’s really as simple as that.

By using Betfor , you can increase your horse’s energy intake without increasing it’s intake of starch and running the risk of an upset stomach, as you would by feeding it extra oats. The molasses part of Betfor is a fast and pure energy source. At the same time, the beet fibres have a stabilising effect on the flora of micro-organisms that are behind the energy production in the horse’s large intestine.

As Betfor has to be soaked before being fed to the horse, feeding your horse Betfor ensures it gets enough water, and keeps it hydrated longer as the fibres bind water inside the horse. This is why many prominent coaches feed their horses Betfor. Feeding Betfor also ensures that your horse gets enough water when travelling.