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Pressed Sugar Beet Pulp

Pressed Sugar Beet Pulp is sold under the name HP-Pulp® in Denmark or HP-Massa® in Sweden.Like SBPP, HP-Pulp is a feed product from our production of sugar, rich in nutrition and beet fibres. HP-Pulp combines the best attributes of both “roughage and concentrates”. It is rich in cell wall materials, promoting the wellbeing of the microorganisms in the cow’s gut, and its mix of energy sources (pectin, cellulose and hemicellulose) ensures that the energy is released over a longer period, which is also beneficial to the cow’s digestive system.HP-Pulp is delivered straight from the sugar mill to the customer by Nordic Sugar. The delivery is controlled by Nordic Sugar, as it has to fit in with the overall production plan. HP-Pulp has to be ensiled immediately on delivery in bunker silos or in tube silos called Hard-Pack® in Denmark and Hård-Pack® in Sweden. Ensiling in tube silos is carried out by Nordic Sugar representatives with special equipment. HP-Pulp can be stored for over a year without changes to its nutritional characteristics