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Functional properties of sugar - on a technical level

We have gathered some of our deeper knowledge regarding the functional properties of sugar. Besides sweetening, sugar has many functional roles in food.

Without sugar, jam would soon go off, ice cream would crystallise, and bread would lose its freshness and dry out. In addition, the taste of foods would be disappointing without the ability of sugar to round off and enhance natural taste components. Sugar has one or more unique, quality enhancing properties to offer almost all types of food production involving both solid and liquid foods.

All these functional properties are not always well known and sometimes even forgotten, despite of the importance sugar actually do play in the different applications.

Sweetness Flavour and aroma Volume Texture Shelf life Fermentation Freezing-point depression Colour Moisture retention
Beverages Sweetness of beverages Flavour and aroma of beverages Texture of beverages Shelf life of beverages Colour of beverages
Preserves Sweetness of preserves Flavour and aroma of preserves Texture of preserves Shelf life of preserves
Jam and marmalade Sweetness of jam and marmalade Flavour and aroma of jam and marmalade Volume of jam and marmalade Texture of jam and marmalade Shelf life of jam and marmalade Colour of jam and marmalade
Sauces and dressings Sweetness of sauces and dressings Flavour and aroma of sauces and dressings Texture of sauces and dressings Shelf life of sauces and dressings
Confectionery Sweetness of confectionery Flavour and aroma of confectionery Volume of confectionery Texture of confectionery Shelf life of confectionery Colour of confectionery Moisture retention in confectionery
Dairy products Sweetness of dairy products Flavour and aroma of dairy products Volume of dairy products Texture of dairy products Freezing-point depression in dairy products
Bakery products Sweetness of bakery products Flavour and aroma of bakery products Volume of bakery products Texture of bakery products Fermentation of bakery products Colour of bakery products Moisture retention in bakery products
Pharmaceuticals and non-food products Sweetness of pharmaceuticals and non-food products Flavour and aroma of pharmaceuticals and non-food products Volume of pharmaceuticals and non-food products Texture of pharmaceuticals and non-food products Fermentation of pharmaceuticals and non-food products