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Flavour and aroma of beverages

Sugar is an important ingredient in many beverages because it gives a sweet taste, but also because the sugar adds energy and enhances fruit aromas.

Different fruit aromas require different quantities of sugar. This means that the sugar content in the end product is extremely important so that the beverage does not become too weak or too sweet.

Sugar is also a traditional ingredient in many bitter beverages, e.g. hot chocolate, tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages. The sugar can enhance the flavour of the liquid and contribute to a more harmonious taste. 

Fruit, berries and vegetables used for e.g. juice often contain fruit acids and other substances that may leave a bitter aftertaste. However, a sour and bitter taste can be balanced by sugar to provide a softer taste.

In beer brewing, malt is generally used to provide body, sweetness, colour and taste. However, some of the malt can be replaced by sugar to give the beer a milder taste.