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Preserves are e.g. vegetables and herrings marinated in pickle, brine or syrup to make them keep better and to change their flavour.

Pickle, brine and syrup are used in the preparation of certain foods, but are seldom consumed. Examples include pickled cucumbers, beetroots and herrings. The function of the sugar depends on the type of preserve.


Pickle for marinating herrings and cucumbers contains vinegar. The acidity of the pickle affects the structure of the ingredients. Adding sugar balances the flavour and the experience of the acid taste. ø The sugar content in pickled beetroots is approx. 9%.


When vegetables are heat preserved, this is done in a 1-2% brine, possibly with a little added sugar. Sugar is added to enhance and balance the taste of the ingredients. Some pickled vegetables e.g. gherkins and cucumbers are soaked in brine for 24 hours before the pickle is added. Matie herrings are also soaked in brine, and the herrings must mature for at least 6 months. The sugar content in brine is usually 1%.


When fruit and berries are heat preserved, they are usually laid in a syrup. The sugar concentration in the syrup must be higher than in the fruit itself. Sugar is added for several reasons. To improve the taste of the fruit and to enhance its keeping qualities. In addition, sugar prevents the fruit from turning brown.