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Sauces and dressings

'Sauces and dressings' cover a number of different products contributing to making a meal more attractive. 

Dressings are often associated with cold dishes eaten with e.g. salads. There is no clear distinction between a dressing and a marinade. The word dressing covers both soured dairy products and mixtures of oil and vinegar, including mayonnaise.

In sauces and dressings, sugar affects the

Taste – even small quantities of sugar enhance the other flavours and to some extent moderate bitter substances. Ketchup and dressings often contain vinegar, which balances the taste of sugar. 

Texture – sugar contributes to the mouth feel of the end product.

Keeping qualities – in products such as ketchup, sugar and vinegar have a preserving effect.

The amount of sugar used in sauces and dressings depends on the other flavours, the serving temperature, the texture and whether the sweet taste of sugar is meant to pass through to the end product. In a product such as ketchup up to approx. 20% sugar is added, in sweet mustard up to approx. 15% and in French mustard up to approx. 5%.